The Zen of White and Blue

It was one of those weeks where simply walking to the mailbox stopped me in my tracks. A high pressure system has been taking a rest here in the Bow Valley this past… Continue reading

Snowpack Revelations

The first day of the New Year found me in the back country. Avalanche reports across the region were awash with orange and yellow, signs that heeded caution.  After a lengthy dry spell,… Continue reading

Shoulder Season Bliss: Mexico 2013

In a exuberant show of spontaneity, Rob and I booked a two-year-overdue honeymoon and departed two days later for Zihuatanejo, along with friends, and fellow belated honeymooners, Cory and Michelle. A last minute… Continue reading

A Storm of Inspiration

With film reels having completed their final revolution and the last of the books closed, another Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival has come to an end. As I stepped out of the… Continue reading

Cultivate Gratitude

This piece was written for Highline Magazine. Please head over to for the story! Today, I baked muffins for Bert. I had been meaning to make a sweet treat for my 86… Continue reading

Unfurling into Spring

Written for Highline Magazine Online: Spring has sprung. The foothills and valleys are awash in a diverse array of green, the colour of renewal, fresh energy and new beginnings. The vibrant chartreuse… Continue reading

East, to the Badlands

‘Saturday’ is synonymous with ‘mountain adventure’. But fickle spring weather had me feeling uninspired to ski. With gypsy feet still itchy for a weekend adventure, I called Sarah. ‘Want to go to Drumheller?’… Continue reading

Finding my Range

Since being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2000, I have been thinking like a pancreas and managing my own blood sugar homeostasis, constantly working to keep my levels within an acceptable range.… Continue reading

Me and Her

I was two bites into my Bruno burger at Bruno’s in Banff when I saw her. On the other side of the bar, hanging on the wall, was a black and white photo… Continue reading

Film Fest Fizzle

I am a self-admitted Banff Film Fest junkie – waiting since last year for another hit. But this year, as the high wears off, I’m left feeling empty, like there must be more… Continue reading